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Time 2 Konnect (T2k tv) accepts submissions of completed, feature-length, English-language films to be considered for domestic and/or international distribution.

Submitted projects must be original material created for theatrical, direct-to-owner, or pay/cable/free television markets and should have a running time greater than 54 minutes or web series that has four episodes. T2k tv does not review adult or “art house” products. T2k tv does not accept script submissions.

Submission Process

You may email a private Vimeo link (include password) or YouTube link to

Your cover letter should include the following:


  • title and a brief synopsis of the project;

  • cast list, including the director and all producers (with brief bios if available);

  • your contact information;

  • your connection with the project;

  • list of any other notable attachments to the project;

  • list of available territories;

  • list of any awards won; and

  • any notable publicity for your project.

The T2k tv Acquisition team will generally respond to submissions within 14 business days of receipt. An email or Phone call follow-ups made by the submitting party are acceptable after 14 business days. Please note that t2k does not return submitted materials.

Disclaimer: Neither submission of your project to t2k tv nor anything contained herein shall in any way obligate t2k tv to utilize the project or to distribute, exhibit, advertise, produce or exploit the project. If your film does not meet our criteria, you will be notified via email. All submissions are destroyed once an acquisition determination is made. Email

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