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To bring Innovation in Streaming, T2K Pronto is set to release in 2023

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T2K Pronto is a streaming network company that helps upcoming talents and like-minded people share and develop their ideas.

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Like-minded people who want to thrive in their respective industries need a network or way to communicate with each other so they can help out in any project and share ideas that can prove successful. T2K Pronto is set to launch a streaming network that will provide young entrepreneurs, filmmakers, and music pioneers with a network to help engage in healthy communication and develop their ideas.

The founder wanted to launch the company in 2020 after the founder had everything ready, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team had to push the idea back. Now the company T2K Pronto will be officially released in 2023, which will be a subscription-based platform for users interested in live streaming, music, reality films, documentary, comedy, movies, and short films to share their projects with other like-minded people to develop themselves and make a mark in the industry.

Become a member now, help others and develop ideas with the help of others on the network at:

The subscription-based platform will hold live events where members and users can talk with experienced professionals regarding their field, like films and comedy, among many others, that will prove to be vital in their ideas and development.

Throughout the year, T2K organizes private gatherings so the members can socialize in the network.

The entertainment industry is a vast field, and young people constantly try to make their mark with their ideas and innovations. T2K is ready to help young people stay dedicated to their path and never give up. They will gain great exposure from experienced individuals on the network, which will introduce maturity and confidence in their work.

The company will launch in 2023 on February 4th. The programs and the website will only be open to subscribers, so anyone who wants to network with like-minded people should become a member at T2K Pronto. Lonnie Neal is the brains behind this idea, but he had to put it on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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