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T2K Pronto and RealRemedy Konnect

T2K Pronto had the pleasure of interviewing up-and-coming rapper, RealRemedy about his journey to overcome his struggles and grow as an artist, his upcoming projects, and more about his personality!

RealRemedy’s journey is not only inspirational, but he speaks to following in the footsteps of the pioneers of rap music. Let’s discuss some of the great things we learned from him during our interview.

Who is RealRemedy?

RealRemedy is a Los Angeles-based rapper from southside Chicago who uses music as a way to navigate and describe some of the darkest times of his life. He sees music as the remedy for hard times and hopes to provide love and inspiration to his listeners, passing on the torch from the rappers that helped him through his youth with their music.

One of the things that he feels sets him apart is his ability to be himself and be a nerd. He’s interested in video games, skateboarding, basketball, and anime and prides himself on versatility.

“I never wanted people to put me into a box.” – RealRemedy

What Inspires RealRemedy?

The origins of rap inspire RealRemedy’s journey with rap music. He sets out to tell his own stories through rap, like the rappers who came before him, expressing their connection to the world through music. “Happy times, sad times, times where you want to party, times where you want to be emotional” are all moments RealRemedy sees as inspiration for creation.

What’s Next from RealRemedy?

RealRemedy recently released a new song on January 1st called “Envious,” available on all platforms, including Spotify. The music video was directed by and released in collaboration with T2K Pronto on January 28, 2023, and is available on YouTube now. The song discusses his connection to the feeling of loneliness and being outside looking in due to frequently moving as a child and finding it difficult to relate to his peers.

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